Nikki Sweets – Interview

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Starting it off Nikki, how you today? I’m doing ok thank-you, relaxing.

Before we get into anything, we got to talk about your tatts! How many of them you wearing? I currently have 26 tatts.

You use to do runway, back then you didn’t have any clearly visible ink. Can you explain the beginning of the transformation into what we see today… I started getting extremely tatted after I went to an America Next Top Model call back and I wasn’t called back for the final round do I honestly gave up on that type of modeling and did my dream to get inked.

If you can, which one is your favourite and why? My favorite tattoo is my Bob Marley piece.

What ink have you got planned for the future? Just getting all my ink finished and flowed together.

How many piercings do you have, and is there any that we can’t see…?! I have 9 piercings and two you can’t see!

What’s been your favourite gig as a model so far? My favorite gig so far as to be me doing the Urban Ink cover shoot with Wiz Khalifa, he was amazing and so cool!

If there was one artist that you could star in their video, who would it be and why? Trey Songz because I love his music and his videos always tell a story to me.

If you could set up your dream photoshoot…what other models would be included, what location, and what would the theme be? It would be in Jamaica and it would just me and Jessica White and the theme would be all natural beach shoots 🙂

Getting a little personal now, what would be the best way for a man (or woman!) to move to you? Best way for a man or woman to get to me is just be yourself and be genuine.

How do you like it in the bedroom…and not necessarily in the bedroom, is there any particular locations that you enjoy getting down in? I like it sensual and passionate anywhere I am!!

What is it that gets you going?! Cologne perfume and white teeth!

Most stupid thing you’ve witnessed a man do whilst around you? Sending me dick pics ….stop that! What can I do with that pic?!?

What have you got planned for the rest of the year? Just becoming a house hold name doing my dreams and being the best I can be!

Any last words? Follow me on twitter at @Mz_NikkiSweets and I appreciate everyone who enjoys me, my personality and my achievements. I’ve been wanting this forever and to finally get it, it feels amazing. So believe what I say with persistence and dedication you can do anything you want because that is what got me here!

Yelawolf ft. Lil Jon – Hard White starring Nikki Sweets

Twitter: @Mz_NikkiSweets

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